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About Us

About Us

Sun Karma was founded in 2023 by a group of entrepreneurs with a track record of being at the top of their industry. Our team has a vast background including marketing, technology, and sales. Combining this experience with a strong desire to help our planet Sun Karma was formed.

At Sun Karma we believe that the electric grid is an amazing thing, however there are serious inefficiencies that have made the need for solar so important with the rising costs of electricity. We know that so many customers out there are so uneducated and unsure about everything when it comes to solar. That’s why at Sun Karma we take a consultative approach and really take the necessary time to educate each customer on everything solar.

Some solar companies only offer certain types of purchasing options, be it Financing, PPA, Lease. Sun Karma has taken an approach where we are able to offer every type of solar purchasing option. We did this because that way our customers are educated on the differences between the options and can choose the option best suited for them.

With our planet seeing such extreme weather in recent years going solar is more important than anytime in our history. There are parts of the country where extreme heat has caused blackouts on the grid and the need to have your own power is vital for even things as drastic as safety purposes. Then there are other parts of the country where the cost of your electricity has gotten to a point where it is getting out of control and we all know electric prices are only going to keep going up. Either way, the need to educate yourself on solar is NOW.

State and Federal government incentives are making going solar that much easier and help customers save a lot of money. It is never a bad time to save money, but right now with inflation affecting everyone, saving money is more important than ever. Depending on your purchasing option (be it finance, PPA, lease, cash) you may be able to qualify for Federal and State incentives that make the financial part of going solar that much easier. At Beacon Hill Solar we educate you on these incentives and help you maximize your savings.

Sun Karma is a top class solar business. What that means to us is not only educating you on solar from top to bottom, but also having a streamlined installation process. From design, to permitting, to install, and then finally getting your panels turned on, we are there every step of the way.